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PPR Pipes

PPR Pipes
PPR Pipes
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Product Code : PPR Pipes
Brand Name : Vectus
Product Description

Why VECTUS PPR Plumbing over other systems?

Weight: Lightweight - Easy to handle, transport and install. Hence, saves labour cost.

Corrosion Resistance: High Corrosion Resistance - No scaling; can withstand higher 'pH' values.

Toxicity: Non Toxic - Safe for drinking water. No harmful effects on human beings & environment.

Softening Temperature: High Vicat Softening Temperature - Ensures thermal stability for hot water


UV Resistance: High UV Resistance - The outer layer out of the three layer pipes, is UV resistant which makes

them suitable for outdoor installations exposed to direct sunlight

Thermal Insulation: Prevents the heat from escaping from the hot water used for household/industrial purpose.

Chemical Resistance: Non-reactive to most of the chemicals & industrial liquids.

Strength: Stiffer & stronger than the standards pipes. Suitable for use in seismic areas.

Jointing Process: Doesn't require any use of solvent for jointing. The joints are welded together which results

in a homogeneous plastic system that is leak proof.

Noise Insulation: Minimum water hammer sound.

Anti bacterial: Can be used underground because of anti - bacterial properties.

Coefficient of Friction: Low pressure drops help reduce pumping cost.

High Volume Resistivity: Poor conductor of electricity. No effect of stray currents.

Linear Expansion: 75% less linear expansion than standard pipes.